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Former Member
Apr 10, 2009 at 05:43 PM

Short Dump while multiplying curr & decimal


I have a small equation like this:

p0008-ansal = p0008-ansal * p0027-kpr02 / 100.

Apparently both the internal format seems to be P type but of different lengths. Since am multiplying a currency (ansal) with decimal (kpr02), am really not able to understand why its throwing dump.

Below is the dump:

Error analysis

An arithmetic operation in the current program "ZHRPA_COST_DIST" attempts

to process a field of type P that contains an invalid

BCD format.

Possible reasons:

1. If the field is part of a field string and its current contents are

hex 20: The field string was deleted with MOVE SPACE ... instead of


2. The VARYING parameter was incorrectly placed within a DO loop,

e.g. because the TIMES parameter was too large.

Similar for WHILE ... VARY.

3. A FIELD-SYMBOL was incorrectly assigned.

Any clues plz...