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Apr 10, 2009 at 10:34 AM

Join on two tables using "LIKE"


Hi all,

I need make join on two tables (QMEL and STXL) using keys for connection:

- field for join of first table is (QMEL-QMNUM - Notif. number - Char 12)

- field for join of second table is (STXL-TDNAME - Char 70)

If it is connection based on EQ, I think, it's no problem but I need to connect it on base of 'LIKE'.


QMEL-QMNUM = '100100698075'

I would like get all rows from STXL which contain or even better start with notif. number.

Examples I would like connect with QMEL-QMNUM:

STXL-TDNAME = '100100698075'

STXL-TDNAME = '1001006980750001'

STXL-TDNAME = '10010069807500010001'

STXL-TDNAME = '10010069807500010002'


Am I able to manage that with select which join these two tables this way?

Thanks for any solution

Vaclav Hosek.