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Apr 09, 2009 at 07:26 PM

KM Permissions in Web Dynpro Java


The error message: "Permission denied: uri=/kmfolder,

permission=node_create_child, user=XXXXXX"


We are using a KM Windows repository to connect KM to a Windows shared

folder over the network. Then we are using a Web Dynpro java

application to write a file to the KM Folder, which is then mapped to

that KM Windows repository.

Security on the Windows shared folder is wide open. Everyone=Full

Control, and Domain Users=Full control.


When end users try to write the file to KM through the Web Dynpro app,

they get the error:

"Permission denied: uri=/kmfolder, permission=node_create_child,


But when we give them the Content Admin role, they are able to write

the file just fine. For this reason, I do not believe there is a

Windows permission issue.

We have tried:

-Explicitly setting User Mapping through User Admin -> Identity


-Using a System Principle role with Full Access (Read, write, delete)

-Duplicating the Content Admin role, removing the pages & iViews (so

they can't view the Content Admin interface) and assigning this role to

our test users.

We have setup:

Network path

- ->jCIFS=True

- ->Network path=

- ->User=<domain>\<ADMIN User>

KM Windows System Object

- ->User Mapping=admin,user

KM Windows System Landscape Definition

CM Repository Manager

- ->Prefix=/<sharename>

- ->Persistance Mode=fsdb

- ->Root directory=
<>\ \root

- ->Root directory for versions=
<>\ \versions

- ->Repository services=svc_acl

- ->Security Manager=W2kSecurityManager

- ->ACL Manager Cache=ca_rsrc_acl

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