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Apr 09, 2009 at 06:49 PM

LO Cockpit Load - 2lis_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM - some dups in 1st delta pull



I am wondering if I might have done something incorrectly. I am new to lo cockpit and had to create a custom datastore. I did the steps below and then ran deltas from that point on. Only the first delta pull after my initial load had duplicates in it (about 2000 out of 8749 records for BF datasource). The delta job was scheduled hourly.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Steps for Loading Raw Materials from ECC to BW - 3/25/2009

1. ECC/SRM/BW u2013 lock out users u2013 6 pm

2. ECC - delete 03 setup tables u2013 SBIW

3. ECC - insure all delta queues do not contain anything for 2lis_03_BF or 2LIS_03_UM

(rsa7, SMQ1, LBWQ)

4. ECC - Stop V3 jobs for inventory u2013 SM37 u2013 if any exist

5. ECC u2013 fill setup tables u2013 SBIW for material movements and revaluations

(1085, 1101, 1103, 1104, 1200, and 1201 company codes )

6. ECC u2013 SM37 u2013 check for RMCBNEUA (MSEG) pull and RMCBNERP (BSEG pulls)

for successful completion

7. BW - Run Init W/out data transfer u2013 sets delta pointer

8. BW - Run Full Repair for 2lis_03_bf and 2lis_03_um datasources to ZGDMVTIM

9. Run deltas - got 0 records

10. ECC u2013 schedule V3 jobs using LBWE

11. Unlock Users

on 3/27/2009 - first real delta pull occurred . Out of 8749 BF records, 2000 were duplicates. Did it have anything to do with the full repair?