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Apr 09, 2009 at 06:34 PM

How to screen 50,00,000 customers?


Hi Experts,

We have some issues, Could you please clarify ??

1. The name and country of the customer screening is happened from the KNA1 table consists of customers around 50,00,000.

2. So there is an RFC server configuration to the MS Access from the SAP.

3. We have 2,00,000 names in the MS Access data base.

4.There is one sap program 'XYZ 'is defined to screen the master data.

5.With this XYZ program,will take total 50,00,000 customer records at a time in to the buffer.

6.From the Buffer every 500 records are sent to MS access through RFC to screen these 500 records.

7.Now from these 500 records,every one record name is checked in the 2,00,000 names in the MS Access.

8.If any name matches in the MS Access data base,that customer is blocked.Like that these 500 records are screened over 2,00,000 MS Access data base 500 times.

This is the above process what we are following at present working now for 1,00,000 -2,00,000 customers.If we do the same for the above 50,00,000 customers,i think shortdump will occur.

I think I am clear abt this problem.There are lot technical issues,how to avoid those?How and what is the procedure should be followed?

How to do?where can i do correct?How the selection statement should be?How to access data base??

Kindly share your valuable ideas to modify the code.

Thanks in advance.....Kumar

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