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Apr 09, 2009 at 02:21 PM

Skip "Enter Parameter" screen - Crystal Report 2008 / BOE3.1 via URL


Hi All,

We have a need to call a Crystal report from BOE 3.1 repository via URL passing parameter values.

Note: This Crystal report is based on a SAP BW Query (OLAP driver) - version 7 - and we're firing the following URL string:

- http:///OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=5EnbZVwACO3yExQARgBYahMDAYnXNQ&sType=rpt&sRefresh=Y&lsS[!V000001]=0006

- "5EnbZVwACO3yExQARgBYahMDAYnXNQ" is this Crystal report CUID in BOE repository;

- "[!V000001]" is a Crystal parameter which was automatically generated by Crystal at the time our BW Query was selected as data source and this parameter relates to an existing BW BEx variable which is a characteristic value, manual input processing and ready for input type of variable;

To this point, we are able to set parameter values properly via URL command string, but when the URL is fired the "Enter Parameter" screen is displayed even though all parameters are properly filled.

The way it is working now, users are being prompted to press "Execute" to see results, but that is not desirable.

We want the URL command to fill parameter values and display results at once without prompting for any user action.

We've looked up various posts in this forum and verified that similar symptoms and possible solutions have been reported, but none seem to solve our requirement.

Note: We already installed BOE 3.1 Fix Pack 1.3.

Has anyone attempted to do anything similar?

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to achieve this requirement in our particular scenario where database fields come from a BW Query?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and Best Regards,

Ricardo Calaça Nunes