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Jul 24, 2018 at 12:51 PM

SAP GUI 740 Scripting VBA Hung


We have a range of SAP Scripts running from VBA, in both access and excel.

We are running Windows 10 with GUI 7400.1.2.143

Randomly sap crashes when asked to perform actions, such as execute a command, or save an export. the GUI screen will remain as though the button has not been pressed, VBA believes the command has been sent, and SAP completely freezes and doesn't respond.

Sometimes SAP will have processed the request, other time it won't have.

This also only happens on occasion, to force out of it, we have to end task SAP GUI which then forces the VBA to debug, we can then re run that section of code and it will work fine.

We think this may be linked to compatibility with windows 10, as we where not seeing these issues prior to the OS upgrade

Any help is appreshiated.