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Jul 24, 2018 at 11:20 AM

Hybris Marketing Recommendation Model Type


Hello Experts,

I am currently trying to configure the marketing recommendation for hybris commerce.I have currently hybris commerce product , hybris erp products and hybris c4c products in the system.I have done below things.

1.I have configured the 2 model type having one recommendation type as sap hybris marketing product and hybris commerce product.

2.I have created two models one with model type having hybris marketing product and hybris commerce product.

3.If i am using the top sellers(interaction algorithm ) query for both of them , i am getting recommendation result only for model having model type hybris marketing product.The model having model type as hybris commerce product is not giving any results.

I want to know how the model type influence the result of the algorithm ?

as if i am changing algorithm from top sellers(interaction algorithm ) to "Top viewed"(Query Algo) the 2nd model is giving results.

Why the algorithm didn't gave any data for top sellers when the model type assigned is having recommendation type as hybris comm product.

Any documentation on the model type and the way its influence the result as there is nothing in help or any other doc in

Where i can go and run this algorithm directly to see what is outcome ?

Kunal Bansal