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Jul 29, 2018 at 06:27 AM

SAP calculates overheads that are too high


Hi All

We have recently run the annual cost roll in CK40N. The materials and labour look ok, but the overheads calculated are too high compared to our expectation.

Our overheads are costed based on labour minutes. I reviewed a selection of parts numbers and it is clear that for finished parts, the overheads for most of the work centres are calculated correctly (Labour time [CA03] x overhead rate [KZS2] x hourly labour rate [KP27]). I'm satisfied that for most work centres the calculation is as expected.

However, a few of the work centres return overhead values that I can't recalculate. There seem to be two problems:

1) We enter our hourly labour rate into KP26 in USD. This is then converted to GBP somewhere in SAP (we are a UK subsidiary of a US business). However, for the work centres with errors, this conversion does not appear to happen. The result is an overhead which is 1.3 times too high.

Is there a table or tcode which shows what conversion rates have been applied? I can then check if they were entered correctly.

2) One of our work centres has an overhead rate which is so different from expectation it cannot be explained by the FX. Is there another factor which impacts the overhead?

Any help appreciated.