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Jul 29, 2018 at 06:29 AM

MPR - V1 Manual reorder pt w. ext. req - Dependent Requisition Help


We are currently using the PD - MRP type.
We would like to shift to the V1 MRP type, However, when we do so, we dont see any Dependent requisition created... After looking at numerous SAP forums, I learnt that SAP will not create Dep Req in the v1 MRP type...

Our materials planning team is worried that they will not be able to plan for raw materials for this part without know the Dep Req. Is there any solution to this, where the materials planning team can plan for the raw materials while I continue using the MRP type V1.

My setting are as below:

MRP type: V1 (Manual reorder point w. ext. req.)
Lot size: replenish to max stock level
In MRP 4 -> MRP dep requirements is set blank

MRP settings for v1 is:
Include ext req: 1 (external requirements within replenishment lead time)
Additional External requirements in reorder point planning:
Checkboxes - Order reservation and Release ord stk trans are checked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.