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Apr 09, 2009 at 01:10 AM

STMS question



we have been in production since a couple of months. Till now, we were importing the requests into qa and production manually from the import queue. Now, I would like to automate a couple of things.

I have 3 system landscape with following clients: DEV 100 (master configuration), DEV 200 (unit testing), QA 100 (master qa client), QA 200 (testing client) and PROD 100 (production client). I would like that everything that is released from DEV 100 gets imported into the 2 QA clients. I understand that I would need to setup the transport route for this. However, I dont understand how does the background import job differentiates between the workbench requests and customizing requests, because once a workbench request has been released from DEV 100, it does not make sense to import it into DEV 200 and also the second client in QA because it contains client independent changes ????

My second question is regarding the QA approval procedure. I would like that only the approved requests from QA should go into the import buffer of production. Then There should be a periodic job in production that imports these requests. How do i accomplish this ?? Also, what happens to the requests that have been rejected in QA ?? do they still remain in the QA import buffer ??? Obviously thats not we want.

Please advise.