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Jul 27, 2018 at 04:38 AM

Problem XSA application


Some problem with creation oData service on calculation view.

Structure of application next:

We have three calculation views. First view has input parameters (ZTC_CV_D00_PULT_DAT), second doesn’t have parameters(ZTC_CV_D00_PULT_SCR).

And we should covered this views by oData service.

To maintain this – we create .xsodata file “SYS_BIC_Params2.xsodata”. Structure of this file in the screenshot.

Problem with first calculation view: ZTC_CV_D00_PULT_DAT

Problem is next:

After deploying db-module and js-module when we making next call:


We get normal response with data from this service.

But when we are trying to get metadata of this service – it fails


In the $metadata response we have error "invalid dbTypeName name: STRING", and response interrupted with this error.

<PropertyRef Name="P_DCLPERC"/>

<PropertyRef Name="P_DCLVERS"/>

<PropertyRef Name="P_DCLCODE"/>

<PropertyRef Name="P_CORRN"/>

<PropertyRef Name="P_DCLVERS"/>

<PropertyRef Name="P_CORRN"/>


<Property Name="P_BUKRS" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>

<Property Name="P_BUKRS"{"error":{"code":500,"message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"invalid dbTypeName name: STRING"}}}

If we removing “parameters via entity” in .”SYS_BIC_Params2.xsodata” metadata forms correctly.

You could find .hdbcalculationview file, .xsodata file and full text of response in attachment.

Do you have any thoughts about the reason of such behavior?

P.S. those views was making by using “xs-migration” tool, I don’t know if this information have any sense .metadata-response.txt sys-bic-params2xsodata.txt


ssss.png (56.3 kB)