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Apr 08, 2009 at 03:51 PM

ChaRM Proof of Concept


Hi All,

I need some help with a ChaRM Proof of Concept TMS configuration.

I have this setup that I would like to make work.

logical component 1: DEV1 > QAS1 > PROD

logical component 2: DEV2 > QAS2 > PROD (this is the same prod as above)

I have ChaRM working fine with a maintenance project with logical component 1 assigned. My issues are arising when I try to have another maintenance project with logical component 2 assigned. The goal is to have maintenance project 1 for dev and customization on a yet to be decided maintenance cycle. And maintenance project 2 for production support on a weekly maintenance cycle.

These are all dummy Solution Manager clients numbers.

DEV1 is client 500

QAS1 is client 501

PROD is client 502

DEV2 is client 600

QAS2 is client 601

My TMS is set up with the following:

SAP > 501 transport

ZSM1 > 501 transport

501>502 Delivery

these three worked fine to get the basic ChaRM setup working with maintenance project 1.

I added:

ZSM2 > 601 transport

601 > 502 delivery

I can't add:

SAP > 601 transport. It tells me the SAP transport layer is already being used. (above to 501)

My maintenance project 2 is having issues being setup because the TMS is not reflecting the DEV 600 > QAS 601 > PROD 502 system landscape.

Anyone have any experience on how to setup the TMS to test this setup? I imagine this would be easier with seperate boxes, rather than having client for 2 DEV, 2 QAS and 1 PROD on the same one.