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DMR & Annual Inspection

Dear Gurus

Business Requirement = Vendor Annual Inspection. All batches received from the vendor during the year skip inspection and on the 365th day (max.skip duration in DMR skip stage) it changes to the initial stage of the DMR which requests full inspection.

This is how the DMR is set-up:

Stage 1 (Normal): InspeServ-4, Skip - Blank, Ist - Select check box, No of insp - 1, Next stage -2, reject -1, Next -Stage 3.

Stage 2 (Skip): InspServ - blank, Skip - select check box, Ist - skip, No. of skips - 32600, Max. skip duration - 365, next - stage 1, reject - 1, next - stage 3.

Stage 3 (Tightened): InspeServ-6, Skip - Blank, Ist - skip, No of insp - 5, Next stage -1, reject -1, Next -Stage 3.

My problem

For testing purposes, I changed the Max Skip duration from 365 to 1 day.

The DMR works perfectly if I do the following.

Day 1: Set the QDL (Quality Level) at skip & MIGO a batch. This batch has skipped Characteristics & the next stage in the QDL is skip.

Day 2: No activity on this material (no MIGO or UD)

Day 3: MIGO in a batch which picks up the Ist setting of Normal & moves the QDL to skip.

However the real life situation is that the material is MIGO'ed/UD'ed in the plant every day. So this is what happens.

Day 1: Set the quality level at skip & MIGO a batch. This batch has skip characteristics & the next stage is skip.

Day 2: MIGO in another batch. This batch also has skip characteristics & the next stage is skip (now have 2 skips). (This batch should have reverted to Ist-normal)

Day 3: MIGO in a batch. This batch has skip Characteristics & the next stage is skip (now have 3 skips).

I know what the root cause is but I do not know how to solve the problem.

The root cause has something to do with the fact that the "date of last Inspection" field is dynamic. It appears that the days in the "Max Skip" duration is dependent on the the date in this field.

Therefore, the true 365th day is never reached and so the quality level never resets to the Ist stage (normal).

Is there a way to resolve this problem through config or a user exit, or something else?

Hoping somebody has some solution.

Thanks in advance,

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3 Answers

  • Apr 09, 2009 at 03:53 AM

    Dear Michelle

    Have you maintain in Dynamic rule Reset period Days.



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    • Hi

      The quality level was initiated yesterday & the "Dynamic rule Reset period Days" is 2, the reset date in QDL3 was 16th/Apr/2009.

      However, a MIGO was done this morning on the material, which caused the following date changes in the QDL3 screen

      1. "date of last Insp" changed from 14th April 2009 to the 15th April 2009

      2. The reset date changed from 16th/Apr/2009 to 17th/Apr/2009.

      Therefore the quality level will never revert to the initial (LST) stage of the DMR as it never "catches up" with the 2 days requirement because the "Reset date" field changes in QDL3 every time there is a MIGO or UD done on the material.

      Do you know what the solution would be to this issue?


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    Former Member
    Apr 09, 2009 at 06:30 AM



    I think the problem is very much solvable.

    What I understand from your description is For trial pupose you have tried the one day Resetting Quality Level.

    Remember you can reset DM level in header screen of QDR1 or In DMR table.

    It is better to keep this on DMR header and not at stage level.


    If you are taking UD then you want Quality level to be changed then Tick on For Usage Decision.

    If you are not doing UD then better to tick on at lot creation in Header.

    From your queey you are taking UD ..then tick on For Usage Decision & maintain rest period in days in header only as 365



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  • Jan 14, 2010 at 04:34 PM

    For information purposes:

    The query posted required development.

    Thanks for all contributions from various people.

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    • The reset date field has no relation to the Max. Skip duration. They are not related. It's not nice cause you can't really SEE where you are with Max. Skip duration in terms of days. You'd have to go back and look at the last actual inspection date.

      You don't need to influence the reset date field using those FM's. If you want to, for documentaton purposes, then I guess that would be a reason. But to do what you are looking for, you don't have to.