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Apr 08, 2009 at 03:02 PM

Query Runtime Statistics - Delta Load Errors


Good Morning,

We recently upgraded our BI system to 7.0. One of the consultants who was here activated some standard business content, as the title of my subject shows, Query Runtime Statistics. The Infocube that is being loaded in the process chain he activated is: 0TCT_C01. This load utilizes 4 individual delta loads, coming from Datasources: 0TCT_DSA1, 0TCT_DSO1, 0TCT_DSO2, and 0TCT_DSO3.

The problem we're having is that at least 2 of these frequently fail ( 0TCT_DSO2 and 0TCT_DSO3 ).

The failure messages we get is that some of the data coming in for object 0TCTSTATOBJ (Query Runtime Object) is always bad. Some example values of the data that it is trying to load include:




I'm not seeing anything in particular that would indicate these as being invalid values. The ()'s I wouldn't think would be causing it, given that those are in our system as acceptable characters (checked RSKC to verify) and there's nothing else that looks out of place (aside from the values coming in as German). Has anyone else come across an error like this for this particular statistics load? Manually changing these erroneous in the PSA is not an option given the frequency of the failures.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to clarify or relay any additional information, please let me know as well. Thanks