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Apr 08, 2009 at 01:42 PM

Restored database, can't perform 'System Restore'


We've just performed a system reset of a system by performing a database restore to a version from a few months back. I now need to reapply the SC's that have been modified since the initial database snapshot.

However, when I try to perform a restore, the DI gives me a message indicating that the system already has the up-to-date version. Checking the SystemInfo page, it's quite clearly shown that the SC is the old version; checking in the SLD also shows the old build version. However, running the SDM tool shows the new version as being deployed...

Inspecting the file system, you can see all the originally deployed SCs in the folder /usr/sap/SID/JC00/SDM/root/origin, organized by domain and DC. The SC I need to redeploy is indeed in these directories, and I think I can probably fix my problem by removing the file, but I'm not sure of the side effects of doing this.

It's almost as if SAP expects you to perform a full system restore, rather than a database restore when recovering a system, since data is contained in both the database, and the file system.