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Jul 26, 2018 at 09:03 AM

Step by Step approach to archieve unused Article masters on mass level - SAP IS Retail


Hey Experts,

I have tried to explore about archiving the article masters on mass level on different forums, but could not get an end to end satisfactorily approach.

My requirement is quite transparent.

I have around one lakhs of unused articles in our system. By "ünused" I mean - Articles were created in the system. Assortment and listing are also done for them in around 250 different sites. But, there are no receipts or issues for these articles - that is, there is no MCBE entries for these articles. No stocks exists for them.

So, these articles are termed as "ünused" and has to be archieved - so that their enries do not exist in Article database SAP tables.

Also, is there any transaction to get the list of such articles which has no MCBE entries ?

Thank you for your response.