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Apr 08, 2009 at 07:33 AM

How to delete an active change version of a PO?


Hi all mates,

question: given a PO number, assuming that the active version is a change one and the previous version has been ordered (I don't know if this is the proper word: I mean "transferred to the backend" (R/3))... is there a simple way, e.g, a FM, to delete the last version of a PO, so that this goes definitely lost and the previous version is restored and set to active?

As usual, thanks in advance 😉



after reading a bit, I'd like to add further details:

- what I call a "change version" is actually a new version of the purchase order which is in status "HELD";

- 'transferred to the backend' -> the current version of the purchase order is in status "ORDERED".

Then, if i click on the "version" tab in SRM, i can see that an order modified after distribution has a previous version (status "ORDERED") and a current version (in status "HELD").

I'd like to know if there's a way to delete the current active version and restore the previous, ORDERED version. The question arises because I'm creating a report that makes an update of a Purchase order, but to do so the order must be in status 'ORDERED' so if an HELD version is active I should "rollback" to the previous one... or alternatively, I must manage overwriting the HELD version currently active ( I wasted a lot of time but I wasn't able to do it 😔 ).

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