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Jul 25, 2018 at 07:17 AM

SAP Lumira Designer 2.x Bookmark Performance Issue



we are currently facing a big performance issue with SAP Lumira Designer bookmarks.
We do have a more complex dashboard containing multiple Charts and Composites. It also supports "Settings", which save the state of one global variable and load it "onStartup".

When we execute the dashboard on the BI Platform, the startup time is more than 15 seconds, because we load the "Setting" vial Bookmark.load(bookmarkId). If we don't load the single bookmark, the dashboard is available after 1,5 seconds.

Via Profiling we can identify, that if we load the bookmark, Lumira tries to call the Bookmark Service of the BI Platform multiple times during the rendering process. It seems, that it does so after every function or event call in the dashboard:

24 ms: BoeDataService: Retrieving bookmark data from CMS
54 ms: BoeDataService: Retrieving bookmark data from CMS
67 ms: BoeDataService: Retrieving bookmark data from CMS

The sheer amount of calls (over 100 times) stacks up to the long loading time. Since the bookmark only contains one global variable, calling the service that often doesn't make any sense.

This problem occurs in all currently released Lumira 2.x versions and we haven't found a way to reduce the loading time other than to disable the bookmarks. I haven't seen anything concerning this issue neither in the SAP Community nor in the SAP Notes.

Does anyone else faced this issue or has a hint, how to avoid calling the service?