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Apr 08, 2009 at 05:46 AM

STMS - SAP NW 7.0 - MSCS Architecture



We have installed SAP NW 7.0 on Windows 2003 64bit environment with Microsoft Cluster architecture. As per new cluster architecture, we have installed our app server locally on Node A and Node B whereas ASCS is running on cluster with system number 01 on Node A. Database is running on Cluster too on Node B.

App server CI (Node A) and DB (Node B) are installed with system number 00 and ASCS is installed with system number 01.

We are trying to setup STMS with virtual host name of ASCS with system number 01 but it doesn't accept it. As per our understanding, it is supposed to use virtual hostname (ASCS) and through message server it should do load balancing. If we use application server hostname with system number 00 it works but than we will have SPOF.

Please help.