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Former Member
Apr 07, 2009 at 02:59 PM

pricing Rounding Issue.


Hi Team,

I want to round my Amount and condition value to Integer level(Remove decimal and following two values)

E.g. my PR00 has value 110 for quantity 11 so my condition value will be 110*11 =1210. If i want to apply 1.9% discount on this using condition type ZXXX it would calculate it as 22.99. I want this value to be rounded off to 23 or 22 hence removing the last two digits on the right of decimal.

Also since SAP calculates % on the condition value as in above case it calculates 1.9 % on 1210, I have a requirement where 1.9% should be calculated on amount per unit in this case on 110 and then multiply it with the qty.

I hope I am clear with my explanation, and in case you need further infi, pls let me know.