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Apr 07, 2009 at 02:24 PM

Suggest a planning type that creates purchase requisitions.


Hi Gurus,

we have component parts are set up as VB in the MRP 1 view as manual re order point planning. They have fixed lot size and re order quantities in SAP. When doing MD01 ,we are getting SDEB's instead of purchase requistions even though the stock is below the reorder point for the component materials. This type of planning has always triggered a req not a s/deb, the MRP Controller

has NEVER had to change the s/deb to a req since we have been using SAP in 1997. This is only a recent issue and I cannot get a reasonable solution for it.

Please suggest What type of planning should be used in SAP so that when MRP runs and the material is at or below reorder point, a requisition is created ?

Thanks for your understanding.