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Former Member
Apr 07, 2009 at 01:02 PM

releaseStepCreated event is triggering


Dear Team,

For my custom PO workflow , i am using release step created as a triggering event. in my release strategy i have 3 levels of approvals, after releasing the PO by 1st release person, 2nd release person changed the PO. for this also release step created event is triggering.

Here problem is i am using check function module to stop multiple workitems, why because is , i am getting two work items. My functional is asking when the 2nd release person is changed the exiting PO,workflow should stop and new workflow should trigger.( for small modification also it is triggering the same event ). so i used terminating events in the task level. but this check function module is not allowing the second time creation of work item. why because is already one workflow is under process for the PO.

If i remove the check function module 2 work items each time. if i am not removing the check function module this current workflow will not stop( terminating event is not working).

For a change of PO, change event or significantlyChanged should trigger right. why it is triggering again release step created.

Please guide me.