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Apr 07, 2009 at 12:44 PM

Doc Flo


Doc flow is like this:

CQu2192 ORu2192 LF u2192 F2.

In CQ Qty is 20 units. Its status in doc flow is show as: Qty 20 & Being processed.

In VA01 12 units are for a different SH & 8 units are for different SH. Therefore there are 2 line items for the same material in OR but not in CQ. Its status in doc flow is show as follows:

Line item 10u2192 Qty 12 & Status Complete

Line item 20u2192 Qty 8 & Status Complete

The question is:

1.why the status of CQ is shown as Being Processed when the full qty is referenced? Shouldn't it be Completed?

Other details are:

In CQ, at header level, SP= A & SH= A, line item=1

In OR, at header lever, SP= A & SH= A, line item= 2. In line item 10 SH= B & in line item 20, SH= C