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Apr 07, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Using more than one Alternate UOM


Hello All

I am using Product Qty Management functionality of SAP for a FG, whose Alternate UOM are SQM, MTR & NOS, & Base UOM is KG, I have set valuation for SQM & defined SQM as Leading Batch-specific UOM. When am doing GR I am entering the goods in SQM as "Unit of Entry" & am defining the KG as well during GR, i.e. am having a relation of 1SQM = 4.16KG, but at the time of GR the value comes out to be 10SQM = 43.75KG i.e. 1SQM = 4.375KG. The system incorporates this change in relation betwen different UOM & passes the new value of conversion to the characteristic I used in Batch Classification.

This all goes well & when am overviewing the stock, system also displays Sales Order Stock as 43.75 KG or 10SQM. My problem is that when am displaying the GR document the system shows Unit of Entry in Base Unit rather than Sales Unit, i.e. system shows Unit of entry as 43.75KG rather than 10SQM.

When I deleted other Alternate UOMs MTR & NOS & then i did the GR for the same value i.e Qty in Unit of Entry as 10SQM & Qty in SKU 43.75KG, the system incorporated the changes for this again & in addition when i displayed the posting document system showed Unit of entry as 10SQM rather than 43.75KG as it was doing when other Alternate UOMs were present.

This behaviour of system I am unable to understand, wherein the system shows stock in both Units viz SQM & KG but while displaying the GR document it shows KG for both, "Qty in Unit of entry" & "Qty in SKU". Looking forward to your valuable inputs & guidance.


J K Tharwani