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Apr 07, 2009 at 10:57 AM

Item Interest Calculation for partially cleared items



We need to do interest calculation on Customer Line Items. The T Code we are using is FINT. We have set an interest indicator for Item Interest Calculation, with Interest Calculation based on Items Cleared with Payments. The requirement is that Interest should be calculated on even partially cleared items. Suppose a customer invoice is generated on 1.1.2009 for INR 100000 and becomes due for payment on 30.1.2009. Now on 10.2.2009, a partial payment is recieved against this invoice for INR 30000. System should calculate interest on INR 30000 for 11 days. Now again on 20.2.2009, remaining payment of INR 70000 is recieved. In such a case, interest should be calculated on INR 70000 for 21 days @ 1.25% PM. In the current configuration, when we define that system should calculate interest on Open Items cleared with payments, system calculates interest on INR 100000 for 1.25% for 21 days. Pls suggest.


Sanil Bhandari