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Apr 07, 2009 at 10:38 AM

About COGS when selling FG _ which has standard price


Hi all,

I have one FG A, standard price is: 11.756,688

on 01.04.2009, we have one delivery transaction from SD, quantity is: 2.170.770KG

I have posting from FI is

DR COGS 25.521.065.611

CR Stock account -25.521.065.611

With this amount, you can see that the amount should be 25.521.065.609,76 --> 25.521.065.610

so, this posting has increase 1 in base amount

Then, users has cancel this delivery and we have below posting

DR Stock account 25.521.065.610

DR PRD (of FG) 1

CR COGS -25.521.065.611

After these posting, in CKM3, systems show that this although the quantity is 0 (as user has canceled delivery), in Prelimval column still have 1.

- Anyone help me explain why when delivery, SAP plus 1 in base amount

But in cancel document, SAP use the correct amount (25.521.065.610)

- How can I deal with this situation

In CO, now we use Material Ledger

In this question is not clear enough, please feedback. Please help

Thanks in advance.