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Apr 07, 2009 at 09:48 AM

Mail Sender Adapter for Exchange 2007 IMAPS account


Hi everybody,

I have the following todo:

I configured a Mail Sender Adapter that is supposed to fetch mails from an IMAP account.

The mails contain text files with data to be processed by XI 3.0 SP 22.

The mail server is Exchange 2007 and requires IMAPS. IMAP is not enough. I read the notes

- 893590 - XI 3.0 Mail sender adapter with IMAP or POP with SSL problem

- 856599 - FAQ: XI 3.0 / PI 7.0 / PI 7.1 Mail Adapter

and configured the sender apapter as follows:

URL: imaps://<ip address>/owa

Authentication method: Plain

User: <domain>\<user>

Password: topsecret

Poll Interval: 5

The first challenge is to setup the adapter with SSL. To do so, I added the Exchange server's

root SSL certificate in the default truststore service-ssl via the KeyStorage service.

This is necessary, as far as I know, to successfully validate the Exchange server's trusted

certifacate which is being transfered to XI during SSL handshake.

Since the communication channel in RWB is in status error with following message:

mail client job stopped completly 

exception caught during processing mail message; invalid IMAP status response; not finding * STATUS, but 001I NO owa doesn't exist. 

mail client job scheduled,

I do not know how to setup SSL for IMAPS. I successfully tested a PING to the Exchange server.

Are there already experiences with Exchange 2007?

What I have to do to fetch mails from an Exchange 2007 IMAPS folder/account with a Mail Sender Adapter?

Kind regards,