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Apr 07, 2009 at 07:49 AM

Sending XI SOAP message to webMethods with WS Security, Does it work?


Greeting SAP Experts,

I have a very simple working scenario Proxy to XI SOAP to consume a web service on webMethods over the internet. Until this point I have no issues, XI SAP message get received and webMethods sends me the response message back just fine.

However, I want to enable the WS security by signing the request and verfiying the synchronous response from webMethods. I bought a certificate from Verisign and we exchanged the Keys with the partner who runs webMethods.

I have imported the certificates in the visual admin (Key Storage) and configured the communication channels and receive agreement to do the required signing /verification. The security profile used in the receive agreement is

once webMethods enable the WS security we get the following error in return: Unexpected element in SOAP:Fault; HTTP 500 Internal Server Error 

The error on the webMethods side:

[signature.inbound.tartD] Starting inbound signature verification
[] Security Engine error while processing WS Security headers 

another error :

[com.webmethods.fabric.agent.handler.jaxrpc.JAXRPCFabricHandler.result.generalErrorT] General error in operation (class
[com.webmethods.fabric.agent.handler.jaxrpc.JAXRPCFabricHandler.result.generalMessageT] Error message: {1}
[ISC.0038.0002D] --> HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

from the error it look like webMethods is unable to verify XI SOAP signature .

I appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank you