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Apr 06, 2009 at 11:08 PM

Need Multiple Units of Measure for a given material due to multiple vendors



We have a requirement where we must have multiple units of measue (each, box, case, pallet) for a given material.


We have multiple vendors for one SAP material number. We need to store 4 levels of units of measure for each vendor+material combination.

Unit of Meaure levels

1. Each

2. Innerpack (ex: 12 each = 1 innerpack)

3. Box (ex: 36 eaches = 1 box)

4. Pallet (ex: 100 eaches = 1 pallet)

Standard SAP allows in MM01 additional data --> Units of Measure only 1 Ea, Box, Plt, etc.

Our requirement is to allow multiple Units of Measure due to multiple vendors providing the same material.

So, our unique combination is by a Material+Vendor.

We are considering adding the vendor name and vendor number to the material master --> additional data --> Units of Measure tab.

Does this seem like a good solution? What impacts do you foresee with approach?

Any alternatve solutions?

We thought we could enhance the purchasing info records to allow multiple units of measure too but then we need to also add many fields to hold the weight, lenght, height, width, volume, country of origin, etc.

Please recommend a best practice or solution to handle this requirement.

Thanks in advance!!!