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Jul 24, 2018 at 02:50 AM

The document is not relevant for billing (Single free item)


Hi all expert,

There is a problem when process the VF01 if the DN only contained 1 single free item.

The success scenario is:

1. Create STO in ME21N with 2 items. 1st is mat-001 with quantity 10, 2nd is mat-001 with quantity 1 and selected the field 'Free' for 2nd item only then

2. Create DN via VL10B, the delivery type is NLCC with item category as NLC

3. Create billing via VF01, the type is IV intercompany billing.


The problem is if there is only Single Free item in the ME21N then create DN by VL10B, then create billing via VF01 (IV intercompany billing), it is not able to further proceed, error log with 'The document is not relevant for billing'.

is there any configuration need to be set? please help, thank you.