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Apr 06, 2009 at 08:44 AM

When releasing a transport it stays constantly in 'export' status



We've recently done a refresh of our BI QA system. Now, whenever we create a new transport in the DEV environment, when we try to release it the status stays as 'Export' and says 'In process: Requires update'. If you refresh then the timestamp updates but it never comes out of this export status. Also the transport never appears in the QA queue/buffer (you can manually add it however using 'extras->other requests->add').

We can see tp processes hanging on the UNIX server. We have killed these and checked tables TRBAT and TRJOB - these are empty. There were however entries in TPSTAT, so we also deleted these. We also ran 'tp getprots <SID> pf=<profile>'. We have done this tidy up process several times and ONCE the transport actually appeared in the QA queue - but not other times. Always, the status stays in 'export'.

I have also ran RDDNEWPP in client 000 to reschedule RDDIMPDP - not helped.

We have removed the QA system from the domain controller and added back in. We have checked all the parameters match up between DEV and QA (CTC is set to 0). There is nothing in the tp log until we issue a tp getprots command manually.

SAP would probably advise us to upgrade tp (we are on version This is tp version 372.04.36 (release 700, unicode enabled) patch 165) - but before we have to resort to this, does anyone else have any ideas?