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Apr 03, 2009 at 11:18 AM

User-Defined Planning Layouts - Translations


Hi Experts,

Custom Planning layouts have been created.

I need to translate the form from English to Danish.

This has to be done in the Development system then moved to Quality and Production.

This is how I proceeded with the task:

IMG Path: Project System  Costs  Planned Costs  Manual Cost Planning in WBS  Detailed Planning  Create User-Defined Planning Layouts for Detailed Planning.

Select Change PS Planning Cost Element/Activity Input Layouts.

Select Layout ZMY_LAYOUT  Planning Layout  Translate Form.

Specify Source Lanaguage : EN, Target Language: DA --> Clcik on Translate Button.

There is a prompt for including the request in a Transport Request. If clicked yes it asks for a workbench Request.

I specified the workbench request number.

Select Form --> Object List

Select the line with form name, Source Text --> Click on Translate.

Enter the translation -> Save and exit

However, when I check my request in SE10, it has no objects???

If I repeat the process, and select Transport form, it asks me for a customizing Request.

How can I move my transations from D to Q.


Reema Shahbazkar.