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Jul 24, 2018 at 11:16 AM

Outlook Meeting Invite: Not able to Change Time of Meeting Invite


Dear All,

I have an requirement to Send Outlook meeting Invite through custom Report.

I am able to send Meeting request by using Class cl_appointment. and it is sending meeting invites. But I am not able to Change the Time of Meeting Invite.

See below code:

lo_appointment->set_date( date_from = lv_date

time_from = lv_time

date_to = lv_date

time_to = lv_time1

timezone = sy-zonlo ).

lo_appointment->set_busy_value( sccon_busy_busy ).

lo_appointment->set_organizer( sy-uname ). lo_appointment->set_type( 'REQUEST' ).

lo_appointment->set_view_attributes( show_on_top = 'X').

lv_time = '000000' and lv_time1 = '240000'.

It is creating meeting Invite From LV_DATE to next day with time from 11:30 AM to Next day 11:30 AM.

i am not able to change timings.

Please help.