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Apr 02, 2009 at 09:44 PM

Problem with Custom Data Type conversion


Hi everyone...My name is Blag...and I got an ActionScript problem -:(

So...I created a WebService based on a Z Function Module...To gather data from table SPFLI.

Inside Flex 3 I used the Wizard to create the WSDL classes. Everything works fine, except for one thing...My FM got two parameters CARRID_LOW and CARRID_HIGH both referencing SPFLI-CARRID which is CHAR 03...So Flex got the brilliant idea of declare those fields as CHAR03.

So when I do...


I receive an error message telling me that I must use CHAR03 data type...So of course I tried with...


Which of course doesn't work either because the compiler tells me that the implicit conversion from String to CHAR03 can't be done...

I checked the CHAR03 class...And guess what? Obviously, it's just a String...But I can't pass a String to the operation...

So...What can I do? Please don't tell me to modify the Classes, because I'm using the Wizard for a particular reason...I already did the same example using MXML and ActionScript, but now I want to use all the capabilities provided by the Wizard.

Hope someone can help me -:)