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Apr 02, 2009 at 08:19 PM

Balance Sheet/P+L Statement by date ranges using FinancStatementVersion


The Accountant boss wants to see Balance Sheet/P+L Statement not by periods but selecting a "from posting date" and a "to posting date".The output should be based on a Financial Statemente Version which is yet created.

The problem here is that both "from posting date" and "to posting date" do not exist as part of a "selection screen" under, for example, transaction S_ALR_87012279 (Structured Account Balances) and other similars.

Technically I was thinking to download the accounting items into the range posting dates, then download the Financial Statement Version and after that, build the balance with an external program.

However, I ask for myself: Why doesn't SAP have this option as part of its standard? Is there any technical reason (I suspect that because of GLT0 table) or legal reason for not having this reports? How can I persuade to the Accountant Boss for not asking for this kind of reports?

Hope It was understood.

Best regards!!!