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Apr 02, 2009 at 12:31 PM

SES and Trex


hi, i've just started researching on SES and i have learnt that :

1) SES is used to index business objects to enable them to be searched using the trex search engine.

2) You can index objects that implement the 'IF_COM_SE_BUSOBJ' interface (objects of classes that implement the interface) . These objects are called business objects.

3) Once you have these business objects you index them , and after they are indexed they can be searched through TREX.

4) You need a RFC connection to the TREX server.

Also the method CL_COM_SE_SEARCH_IIF=>SEARCH_OBJECTS method is responsible for searching for business objects. This method then calls TREX related methods (methods of the class CL_COM_SE_TREX) and these TREX methods are then responsible for returning the results.

If any of this is inaccurate or if i've missed out something then please feel free to correct me.

Now, i came across this search help exit 'COM_SE_F4_HELP_EXIT' in the search help 'SFLIGHT_SES', and the search_objects method is called in this search help exit, and going through this code i come across the function module 'TREX_RFC_SEARCH_DOCUMENTS_V3', but there's no code inside this function module.

So when i ran a test on this search help (F8) i didnt get any results.

Also in the transaction trexadmin, in the tab 'RFC Monitor' i see an error that says "ERD040: RFC Destination does not exist'.

Now i think that the reason i didnt get any results when i ran a test on the search help is because of this error.

Ok, now as i understand, i need to be able to connect to the server on which TREX is installed, i dont have TREX installed on my system, so can anyone tell me which RFC server i can connect to ?

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