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Apr 02, 2009 at 04:49 AM

Performance issue. LIKE in WHERE CLAUSE


Hi Experts,

I have a performance issue. My scenario is,

There is an internal table in the prg with invoice number : 1900000001

In other table, i have another field which have value as inv number + fiscal year as


In order to fetch only matching entries, i am looping on the first int tab and add the inv+ fisc year into

another int table and later making select with for all entries as

loop at itab into wa.

concatenate inv + fisc year

append to itab2.


select *

from b

into table --

for all entries in itab2

where field = itab2-field

Is there any way i can skip the loop and can directly select, either by using LIKE or any other statement

2) If i want to proceed in other way round.

first select from b into itab,

loop at itab into wa.

move field0(10) to wa2

append wa2 to itab2.


Can i skip the loop in this case.