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Apr 01, 2009 at 10:17 PM

Wrong posting keys when using VF01


Hello all,

when I´m creating a Billing document ( VF01 ) the FI document it´s deriving wrong postings keys, 01 or 11 in customer line, instead 09 / 19 (special ledger).

Ex: FB03

Itm PK BusA Acct no. Description Tx Amount in

001 01 920002 Test Customer SJ 172.203,38

002 50 4201000004 Material from Operator SJ 86.101,69-


I have made the following configuration:

SPRO > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Pricing Control > Define and Assign Pricing Procedures

View: V_T683S

U App Proc. Step Cntr CTyp Description From To Man. Mdt Stat Print SubTo Reqt AltCTy AltCBV ActKy Accrls

A V ZPB097 300 ICMI Price+Tax (for NF) 290 290 2 923 Z85

Then in VKOA:

View: C005

App CndTy. ChAc SOrg. ActKy G/L acct Prov.acc.

V KOFI PCXX 1001 Z85 4201000004

V KOFK PCXX 1001 Z85 4201000004

And in OBXW I have this:

Description Transaction Posting Keys

Customer Item on Outgoing Invoice AGD 01/11

G/L Account Item on Outgoing Invoice AGS 40/50

Customer item with special G/L indicator AGX 09/19

How can I associate my SD config with FI config, in other words, how I can link Account Key (ex: Z85) with OBXW (ex: AGX transaction)?

Tks a lot.