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Apr 01, 2009 at 05:56 PM

Problem with end seperator in file content conversion parameters


Hi All

I have a proxy to file scenario, and i am writing the file using file content conversion.

In my message type, there can be multiple object records in a single data record, as shown here:









Recordset Structure: Data_Record, Object_Record

Content conversion parameters:

Data_Record.fieldseperator: ,

Data_Record.end_seperator: 'nl'

Object_Record.fieldseperator: ,

Object_Record.end_seperator: 'nl'

My requirement is, every data record should be followed by new line character and every object record should be followed by new line character:

111,222(new line character)

333,444(new line character)

But, my current output is:

111,222,333,444(new line character)

The problem is, as the data record ends only after object record, i am getting new line character only after object record. (technically, the end tag of data record occurs only after the end tag of object record).

Now, how can i get a new line character after data record and after object record?