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Apr 01, 2009 at 05:18 PM

Dev and Prod Environment Sync.


Hello Experts,

I would like to ask for your kind help in the following matter: How to resynch the dev and production environments.

For some (inextricable) reason, the production and development servers are out of sync. Mainly the SLD content is in different versions. The production one is older. Oh and there is no QA environment.

Besides that the business systems were created manually in each server and have inconsistencies. No SLD information was transported between them, only the repository and some directory information. Other directory information was created in the production environment directly. And I am affraid some development took place in production server directly too.

So I have been asked to produce a plan to get all this mess into shape. So far at a macro level I have these tasks planned:

10.- Backup prod and dev servers.

20.- Load latest CIM model and CR content on both servers (and see what happens).

30.- Connect the SAP systems as SLD data sources to prod SLD.

40.- Redo configuration in prod to point to automatically created business systems (and retest).

50.- Cleanup of manually created business systems the prod environment.

60.- Config the prod SLD as data source for dev SLD.

70.- Redo configuration in dev server to make it match prod SLD.

80.- Cleanup of manually created business systems the dev environment.

90.- Create in the dev server the repository objects that were directly created in prod.

100.- Test everything for consistency.

Please help me improve the task list/order.