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Apr 01, 2009 at 10:56 AM

Problem resetting page number


I have a main report with several subreports in the group footer sections (sections GF2a - GF2l).

In the main report page footer I added a page number.

After the last section of Group 2 (ie GF2l) I want to reset my page number to 1.

Problem is that the subreports can be empty and to avoid blank pages the section in the main report is suppressed if the subreport in that section is empty (Suppress Blank Section).

It seems that the 'Reset Page Number After' setting is not processed if the section containing the setting is suppressed.

I also tried to add an extra group 'around' the group containing the subreports.

The sections of the group header and the group footer of this new group are hidden (not suppressed) and the 'Reset Page Number After' in the new group footer is selected.

The page number in the page footer of the main report is reset now when printed, but only on the second page of the new group (so when printed, the first page of the new group is last page number of the previous group + 1 and the second page of the new group has page number 1)

How can I solve this problem?