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Former Member
Apr 01, 2009 at 04:59 AM

Can i use B1DE1.3 on SDK 2007 and B1 2007?


i tried to install the Add-on generated from b1de 1.3 onto B12007. The process run successfully with no error prompt. But problem is the add-on menu wont show up.

Is it because of the B1DE1.3 not compatible with B12007? But if i use 1.4, i will not able to install on B12005, right? If i want to allow my customer who using B12005 to run my add-on, i must use 1.3 then?


Another question : Can i install sdk2005 on B12007? because sdk is just for development. So, i suppose to be able to install B12007 and sdk2005 in 1 pc, right?