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Former Member
Apr 01, 2009 at 03:03 AM

SAPScript: Footer missing when using BOTTOM


HI Experts,

I have a simple form where in MAIN window I need a footer for signature information.

I am using /: BOTTOM..ENDBOTTOM after looping the items to display the signature information at the footer of the very last page.

However - when my items just fits into the first page - the footer (signature infor) is completely missing?

It will not push to the second page to display.

Example: 1 page (main window) is able to fit 50 rows (items) and suppose to display the footer info at the bottom.

When it is less or more then 50 items - the footer info will appear perfectly. But when it is just fits as 50 items - the footer just does not display. (this is due to my window height that fits only 50 Items MAX)

(I had tried using PROTECT..ENDPROTECT as well but it doesnt seems to work when I use with BOTTOM.

Kindly Advice.

Thank You.