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Mar 31, 2009 at 07:49 PM

Spate of basic questions in webdynpro forum


Hi SDNers,

I would like to bring into your notice that last two days many basic questions have flooded the webdynpro forum. The questions contain something like "what is the purpose of .....", where it is used ?etc.

I was wondering that if someone doesn't even know the purpose of using some feature, what could cause them to post a question on the same..doesn't seem like there was some requirement with them. Its not just one or two questions but numerous, theoretical and on so many different topics. As if they have been given a question paper and they want quick, ready made answers without caring to search the SDN or help documentation.

We have also not refrained ourselves from answering such questions (Some of us must be unaware that there was a series of such questions to follow, when we answered the initial ones). We are here to discuss and learn more, together, when we try to solve the queries posted in forums & hence threads such as the following are really irritating.

Here are some of recent threads:

system template

JCo Destinations

Object Value Selector

Supply functions

Server Side Eventing


Structure binding

Development Components


/thread/1290675 [original link is broken]

Service Controller

Model object

Message Pool

I only wanted to share what I thought as incorrect & I found this forum most suitable for posting this thread. I personally think that we should discourage such queries but then it is upto an individual's discretion and opinion to post a reply to them.