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Mar 31, 2009 at 07:34 PM

SOAP Receiver : Dynamic URL configuration vs. TAuthKey capability


Hello all,

I plan to use dynamic URL configuration of web service URL in SOAP Receiver CC. I got an idea, which is more or less described on SDN already. But one thing bothers me a lot.

In my scenario we talk about 10 and more WebServices' URLs to be called dynamically. The WS call will include also authorization username:passwd and it is expectable, that each WS will have different uname:passwd definition to be authorized with.

I made a capability analysis of SOAP Receiver CC - tab Advanced - Authetication keys and there are prepared only 10 possibilities to define password for authentication key (which I'll handle to CC via TAuthKey parameter).

In the help page there is a note regarding authentication key:

If authentication is required for the receiver system, you can enter a password with confirmation for each key value. This means that you do not need to write passwords in the enhanced message header.

So in other words there should be a way, how to send to CC even the password with other adapter-specific message attributes. (or maybe I miss the meaning of this comment, like the other way is to develope own module for CC and process additional attribs from enhanced message header)

Does anyone have some experience with handling the authentication data in "enhanced message header" ?

Thanx for you info in advance.