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Former Member
Mar 31, 2009 at 12:34 PM

HELP: How to assign an application to a single server node???



Our J2EE application is not cluster aware (contains static variables for instance), and must be deployed in a multi-server node environment.

For the application to be run correctly, it must be assigned to a single dedicated server node. Using the Visual Administrator, I am able to start the app on a single server node, simply not 'including' the other available server nodes.

However, as soon as the SAP server is restarted, it deploys and starts the application on all available server nodes, causing the application to malfunction....

Does anyone know how to tell the deploy&start process, that my application must only be deployed to and started on a single server node?

(I'm aware that for web requests, the Web Dispatcher can be used for this pupose). My application is, however, not (only) a web application....

Thanx in advance!!