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Mar 31, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Post pervious year depreciation.



We have an issue where for a company Financial accounting year was closed but in Asset accounting no depreciation was posted and fiscal year also was not closed. This was for year 2008

Now in the current year 2009. when we try to see the asset posted values of an asset in 2008 system is throwing the following error.

"Fiscal year 2008 is already closed in Financial Accounting.

Message no. AA669


You have initiated a recalculation of asset values for fiscal year 2008. However, fiscal year 2008 is still open is Asset Accounting, but not in Financial Accounting

System Response

Due to this inconsistency between the General Ledger and the the subsidiary ledger, processing is terminated.


Close fiscal year 2008 in Asset Accounting as well"

when i tried closing the asset fiscal year the same is not happening as the financial year got closed. I cannot open the previous year posting periods.

How this can be resolved?

Is it possible to post the pervious year depreciation in the current year and close the previous year.

Please help.