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Mar 31, 2009 at 05:28 AM

Precalculation Server Time Out.


Hi gurus,

I have installed precalc service on one of our client machines that has Win XP as OS. There is no problem with the service as such.

It works fine. However if that service remains IDLE for a long time i.e. if I do not precalculate a workbook for say 3 hours or so,

the Precalcualtion server in transaction RSPRECADMIN shows status red, even after clicking on refresh the status doesnt change,

so I have to manually first restart the precalcualtion service (services.msc) and then refresh the Precalc server in TA RSPRECADMIN.

Can anyone tell me what is the so called "TIME OUT " for the precalculation service on Win XP.

if there is a way to restart the precalc service automatically?. I tried scheduling the execution of Precalc service,

but it gives me the following error

"Cannot start the service from command line or debugger. A windows service must first be installed (using installutil.exe) 
and then started with the server explorer, Windows service administrative tool or the NET START Command. "

I do not know how can I automatically refresh this service say every 2 hours. I know this question is not regarding SAP,

however I searched MicroSoft sites, tried finding the answer at different windows forums but in vain again.

I wouldn't want someone to come every morning and restart the precalc service.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem. Any help would really be appreciated.