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Mar 30, 2009 at 07:12 PM

PP/DS and Special Procurement Key


Hi All:

We are splitting the company - say A and B. Assume plant 1 goes with company A and Plant 2 goes with B. Before the split all material of A-1 where procurred from B-2. We used special procurement key in MRP I of material/ A-1 to point to B-2. So when the Product Heuristic was run in APO, it created PR for the material/A-1pointing to material/B-2. Now, we are splitting the company. Ideally, when you run the Product Heuristic for any material/ A-1, it should generate a PO and then the CSR of company A should place a sales order with company B. and Company A should receive the goods against the PO in company A.

When I removed the special procurement key for one material in A-1 and ran the product heuristics, i got a systems message in APO - Order not created for product xxxxx location 1 date....quantity....

My question is, what do I need to do in config and where, so that when the product heuristic is run, it creates a standard PO? Or what is the normal design if what I am saying dont make any sense.

Thanks for your help in advance.